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May 2014


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Greetings in the name of our Lord,

Before we knew it, summer arrived here in Alaska. The ice has gone out on the Tanana River and the trees and fields all around us have turned green. With the possible exception of the mosquitos, we are so thankful for the renewal of life that this season brings to our part of the world.

As we began this season of busyness one of the foremost issues on our mind was the replacement of the base insulator that electrically insulates and holds up the bottom of the KIAM Tower. We had noticed that it was cracked last fall and although it had survived the winter storms and winds, we knew that we had to replace it ASAP or risk losing the tower and transmitter building.

The only problem was that we had no idea how we would do this. The tower is 300' high and weighs over 15 tons.

The task of lifting up and/or disassembling a 300' tower is expensive and dangerous; not something we really could or should have attempted ourselves. The cost of hiring a professional tower service company to do the work was well beyond what we could afford. We had several people offer to help with the project, but without professional guidance we were very nervous about embarking upon this task. So we prayed.

No sooner had the snow melted, God, in his perfect timing provided for this need. A friend of the ministry heard of our plight and put us in contact with a ministry called Towers for Jesus. They were preparing to depart for Haiti to repair a tower for a radio ministry there, but after seeing the photo of our insulator they postponed their trip for a week and came up to Nenana to perform the replacement. The only cost to us was their expenses and the parts.

God even provided this, all at just the perfect time. The tower crew found all the parts and materials laying around our property to build what they needed to lift the tower. We also received donations that covered most of the cost.

So, we are rejoicing in God's provision and are so thankful for everyone who prayed for this need. KIAM reaches a significant part of the central interior with the gospel, and this wonderful blessing is a powerful confirmation to us that God wants it to continue.

VFCM held our annual meeting on May second and third, and the board and staff had a time of fellowship and rejoicing in what God has done in the last year as well as seeking His direction for the future as we serve Him.

The month of May has also brought several comings and sadly some goings as well. One of our missionary families in Big Lake, Victor and Brandi LaMie have sensed that God is leading them back to Illinois and they will be departing for home around May 15th. We will miss them. Please be praying with us that God guides and directs them as they seek His will for their next steps in ministry.

This month as well, we had two volunteers come to Nenana, one for a week and one for three months. Lola Weinreis, who has volunteered at KIAM several times in the past came to spend a week with us and brought her friend Kelsie Anderson who will be serving at KIAM until August. We are trusting that the summer months will see God move in exciting ways as we trust Him to supply our needs and to show us opportunities to serve Him.

Do be in prayer as we seek to recruit new missionaries to serve with VFCM. As well, pray for those who have volunteered to help with some of our summer projects. God has blessed us with most of the materials and equipment to complete them, pray for schedules and weather to cooperate.

We have had some financial challenges as well, but God has supplied our needs as they have arisen and we are so thankful for the prayers and support of His people. A 19th century missionary by the name of Hudson Taylor stated that, "God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply". It has been such a privilege and blessing to to see God work in this manner as we seek to honor and glorify Him.

Thank you for your part in bringing God's word and His message of hope and salvation in Christ to the people of rural Alaska. May God abundantly bless and encourage you as you serve Him.

Blessings in Christ,

Art Thompson

VFCM Executive Director.


April 2014

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Greetings in the name of our Lord.

As we move further toward the days of 24 hour daylight and warmer temperatures it is awesome to see God at work.

The month of April has brought a number of new developments. Last October we received a call from the FCC telling us that they were ready to grant to us an AM station in Fairbanks and inquired as to if we still wanted it. This came as quite a surprise following on the heels of the four new translator permits. The original application had been filed in 2004 and was denied by the FCC in 2007.

We updated some of the information on the application and on April 8th the FCC granted VFCM a construction permit for the new AM radio station.

Quite a few of the native people from the interior villages have settled in Fairbanks or travel back and forth as this is where most of the native organizations are headquartered. Our station in Nenana reaches to Fairbanks, but not very well and it is difficult to receive it inside a building. Having a station in Fairbanks will allow us to better reach the significant native population that live and visit there as well as provide sound biblical teaching over the airwaves.

We have applied for the call letters KSDG; "to God be the Glory alone!" Pray for us as we work out the details and discern God's will for this new ministry opportunity.

Another blessing is that, Lord willing, our new translator in Aniak will be on the air by the end of April. This new radio outlet will be a translator of KYKD in Bethel and will broadcast a Yupik format from Bethel. The translator is being hosted by the SEND missionaries in Aniak. It will be exciting to see how God works in Aniak through this partnership.

In this month as well, God provided a new outboard motor to replace the worn out unit for KYKD's boat. Since there are no roads and air travel is expensive, the best way to get to the villages on the Kuskokwim river is to drive on the frozen river in the winter or use a boat in the summer. This new outboard motor will provide reliable transportation for the staff in Bethel to minister in the upriver villages such as Aniak and Kalskag.

As was mentioned in previous newsletters, we have upgraded our two 10,000 watt AM transmitters with a new power saving technology. We have also replaced our two vacuum tube FM transmitters with more efficient solid state units.

Well, the first electric bills are in since this upgrade and it looks like we will be saving a minimum of $10,000 per year between all our stations. Praise God! This will enable us to put those resources toward the added costs of electricity and internet charges for the new translators we are installing. Thank you to those who made these upgrades possible.

40 year old tube type FM transmitter at KIAM. Modern solid-state FM transmitter

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support. We are continually in awe of God's provision and blessing. Blessings in Christ,

Art Thompson
VFCM Executive Director

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March 2014

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Greetings Dear Friends,

As we move into spring with its longer days and warmer temperatures, we are so thankful for the change of seasons here in the far north. Even though the thaw that we in Alaska call "Breakup" is still a month or more away, it lifts our spirits to finally see an end in sight to winter's icy grip.

Spring is also missions conference season and our two teams of representatives were busy recruiting and sharing the ministry of VFCM with students at Multnomah University and Cedarville University.

Jim and Dee Miles at Multnomah University. John and Pat Fenton at Cedarville University.

We are still trying to get out to Hughes to make repairs to our radio translator there, and we have just got word that our translator in Ambler is off the air. Pray for good weather and God's blessing and protection as we fly out to these remote villages. Pray also that God will give us opportunities to share the love of Christ while we are out there.

Ever since we installed the translator network, we have felt that it would be ideal to have the programming on the translators tailored to the culture of the people group of the region. Alaska is a vast land with over twenty different native languages. In each of the three areas we have stations, there are distinct and different people groups.

Unfortunately, it was cost prohibitive to lease three separate satellite channels to feed the various translators with unique programming. So up until now we have had all the translators fed by KIAM in Nenana, which has a predominantly Athabaskan Indian format.

In the last few months we have been testing a technology that can feed the translators over the internet. This has allowed us to use KYKD in Bethel, which has a Yupik Eskimo format to feed the translator in the Yupik village of Hooper Bay. It has worked so well, that we are planning to the feed the Yupik villages of Aniak, Kalskag, and Quinhagak from KYKD.

This is a huge blessing and an answer to prayer as we will be able to more effectively minister to the Yupik people with music and scripture in their native language. Coinciding with this, the entire Old and New Testament have just this year been translated into Yupik. While English is still the predominant language among native people today in Alaska, the number of fluent Yupik speakers in the western Alaskan villages is approximately 75%

This month we retired our last vacuum tube type transmitter and replaced it with a modern solid-state unit. The new transmitter was provided at no cost to the ministry. This will save electricity and since the solid-state unit needs no periodic adjustments it will lessen the work load on our staff. God is so good.

As our part of the world moves from the suspended animation of deep winter to spring and the all-too-short summer, pray that God will allow us to complete all the outdoor repairs and maintenance tasks that are on our list to accomplish this year.

Pray for our missionaries as well, that God will encourage them and meet their financial needs as they serve here.

Pray for the native people of Alaska, that the Holy Spirit will speak to hearts through the music and teaching we broadcast.

Pray for the villages, for more of God's people to answer the call and go to these places to live out the gospel and minister to the people there.

Even though Alaska is part of the United States, the differences between the major cities and the rural areas is much like the Third World. Many rural villages are dark and lawless places plagued by alcoholism, suicide, and domestic violence. Christ is the only lasting solution for the horrible conditions and despair that exist there.

These areas are largely out-of-sight and out-of-mind to the majority of Americans and even the majority of Alaskans. Pray that more churches will see the needs in this part of the world. (Below, a typical Native village.)

Village of Grayling city office and post office. Main Street, Grayling

As always, we are so thankful to God for your faithful prayers and support. Your involvement in this ministry is making a difference that will last for eternity.

Blessings in Christ,

Art Thompson
VFCM Executive Director 

NOTE: to download the full newsletter with pictures, click here!


December 2013

As we enter the season of Christmas, let us not forget the reason Christ came. Here in rural Alaska, the need for Christ’s redemptive work in the lives of the people is always before us. Alcoholism and hopelessness is all around us. Thank you for your prayers and support. May God bless you, especially during this time we celebrate Christ’s coming. 

Art Thompson, Executive Director.


November 2013


As Thanksgiving approaches, we have much to be thankful for. God has certainly blessed us this year. There are two missionary couples that have answered the call.  Four new radio translators granted by the FCC. Space does not permit us to list everything that God has done in this short note, but I wanted to say that we are so thankful for your faithful partnership with us. God is moving in rural Alaska. 


Art Thompson

Executive Director

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