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November 2012

      Recently, one of our KYKD volunteers in Bethel, Alaska, (who also is our webmaster) spent a couple of days in the Yup'ik coastal village of Quinhagak in the southwestern part of our state.  Voice for Christ Ministries remotely broadcasts KIAM (Nenana) into Quinhagak through a radio repeater.  As Derek casually asked around the village about the radio station, he received positive feedback and one particular comment worth noting.  A new staff member at the local school commented how surprised he was to learn that the only station he could pick up was in fact a Christian station!  He now wakes up every morning by his alarm under the encouragement of God's proclaimed Word, set to VFCM's repeater station there!  Whether our listeners come from a local Alaska native resident, an outsider currently residing in one of the villages for work, or simply anyone happening to visit some of Alaska's remote locations, VFCM aims to be there where ever possible, consistently proclaiming the unapologetic Word of God in message and song through radio technology.
     Thank you for your continued partnership in prayer and support as we collectively share in God's Gospel advancement across Alaska!  

Greg Pippin, VFCM Board Member



October 2012

 Thank you so much for your faithful, consistent support of Voice for Christ Ministries.  We have had a very productive summer.  Several of our remote radio translator sites were visited and repaired to be able to continue broadcasting into the vast regions of Alaska.  Our website, www.vfcm.org, was completely redesigned and also updated to take advantage of popular communication tools, like Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.  Not only can people all over the world hear our radio broadcasts over the internet, they can also read the Gospel of Salvation in several different languages. 

Our ministry is also reviewing an Alaska Native women’s bible study for future programming consideration. 

As we face the challenges of winter, would you please pray for our missionaries and staff?  With your support they perform an outstanding job for our Lord and Savior each and every day.  

 “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message…” Col 4:3  
                                                                                                                Greg Pippin, 
                                                                                                           VFCM Board Member


September 2012

The purpose and focus of Voice for Christ Ministries is to provide Christian radio for Native and rural Alaskans, and we thank you for your support of that mission.

For over a year we have also been streaming our flagship station, KIAM, over the internet. Not only has that provided an alternative way to be heard here in Alaska, but as a bonus, listeners from around the world can now receive our broadcasts.

We recently received a message from a man named Otache of Benue State in Nigeria, Africa.  He wrote, 

I really thank the voices for Christ for they to be there for our spiritual growth, and to make their audio messages free for us, to get from net.  I need (such) material that will guide me to grow more spiritually.  Thanks.”

     What a joy it is to see that God is using our efforts here in Alaska to touch lives all across the globe!  Thank you so much for your partnership in that work.


In His grip,

Palmer Bailey

VFCM Business Manager


August 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Your prayers and donations make a huge difference in people’s lives.  Ken C. recently wrote to our vfcm.org website:

Having only two stations previously to listen in on (APRN and KBYR) here in Prudhoe, I was greatly amazed when on a whim I searched my truck’s radio and the Bluegrass Hour brought a huge smile on my face!  It has been a couple years I think when we lost your signal and I was quite bummed about it.  Now, you're on my dial, folks here on the slope are listening, and God's voice is being heard in an otherwise "dark" atmosphere.  KIAM is bringing teaching, music, testimonies, and the Light of Christ in a part of the world where God's presence is much needed. Thank you so much and please stay on the slope!”            

Greg Pippin

VFCM Board Member 



July 2012

A number of workers have thanked VFCM for a Christian radio broadcast to which they are able to listen in their trucks as they work on the North Slope. Nonbelievers and believers are hearing the gospel through our recently repaired transmitter in Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay. From a low-power translator station such as the one at Deadhorse, one would expect reception only within about five miles of the antenna. In this case, the local conditions are allowing workers to hear the broadcast as far away as the Kuparuk River crossing, some twelve miles from the transmitter. We praise God for the enlarged coverage. Yukon River listeners thanked us for enabling them to communicate with one another and for our river reports on which they depend for water level forecasts.

They pointed out that “All of us fisher people in the area have no access to a computer and for those that do have a satellite phone, the service is spotty…”

These testimonies are just a sample of the results of your partnership with VFCM in providing Christian Radio to Alaska. Thank you. (2 Cor. 9:12-15).


John Fenton

Volunteer for VFCM

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