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July 2012

A number of workers have thanked VFCM for a Christian radio broadcast to which they are able to listen in their trucks as they work on the North Slope. Nonbelievers and believers are hearing the gospel through our recently repaired transmitter in Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay. From a low-power translator station such as the one at Deadhorse, one would expect reception only within about five miles of the antenna. In this case, the local conditions are allowing workers to hear the broadcast as far away as the Kuparuk River crossing, some twelve miles from the transmitter. We praise God for the enlarged coverage. Yukon River listeners thanked us for enabling them to communicate with one another and for our river reports on which they depend for water level forecasts.

They pointed out that “All of us fisher people in the area have no access to a computer and for those that do have a satellite phone, the service is spotty…”

These testimonies are just a sample of the results of your partnership with VFCM in providing Christian Radio to Alaska. Thank you. (2 Cor. 9:12-15).


John Fenton

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