April 2017 
Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 4:13PM
Mike Arena

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Dear Friends and Ministry Supporters:

As we move through April, the interior of Alaska will enjoy regular daytime highs well above freezing for the first time in a long while…it seems Spring has arrived! As the temperature increases, so does the tempo at which we plan for the short warm season that will soon come and then go again. Please pray for all the volunteers as we line up projects for this busy season.

My name is Mike Arena, and the Board installed me as the new Executive Director for Voice for Christ Ministries on February 1, 2017. I’ve moved to Nenana and work out of the network headquarters right next to KIAM, our very first station to go on the air. Art Thompson, who served admirably as the Executive Director over the last several years, has relinquished those responsibilities and stepped into the position of Network Engineer, for health reasons. Art knows more about radio and how to keep it operating than most mortals - I’m personally glad he will stay with the ministry in a role he not only enjoys, but also in which he has considerable expertise and experience.

While I’ve met and worked with the folks at KIAM before, I recently had the privilege of traveling to our two other full radio stations in Houston, AK (KAGV) and Bethel, AK (KYKD) to meet with the station managers and volunteers there. What a group of people we have! God has called some talented and dedicated individuals to labor in the fields here in this state, and I remain in awe of their sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. Most people simply turn their radio on, not having any real idea of what it takes to keep a station on the air. While “radio people” don’t expect the general public to know all that goes on behind the scenes, I can assure you that it’s a lot of work! I can also assure you that God has blessed this ministry with volunteers He brought specifically for the purpose of sharing the gospel. All their concern over program downloads, promo voicing, reflected power, amplitude modulation, the dreaded dead air, etc., just reflect the realities of spreading the news of Jesus’ love through radio technology. And He has blessed the effort with fruit abounding to our account.

As I learn more about this ministry and its legacy of gospel teaching, preaching, discipleship, and conversions over the years, it strikes me that God has shown His mercy to us over and over. Very few organizations have so much impact on so many remote villages in Alaska. As we approach the 32-year mark of bringing the Good News to Alaska via radio, it’s well worth giving thanks to God for His unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ and for allowing us the opportunity to serve Him on The Last Frontier.

Many of YOU have made major contributions to this evangelistic effort through your faithful praying, sacrificial financial support, and volunteer service. The scripture clearly indicates that your involvement makes you a shareholder in any fruit abounding to our account! Please continue your partnership with us as we proclaim to a dark and hopeless region that Jesus is the answer they need…not the alcohol, drugs, sex, or any human relationship. It really is all about Jesus.

I look forward to serving the Lord and our volunteers in this position. I also look forward to hearing from you about your involvement with VFCM and how you found out about the ministry in the first place. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, or just to chat, by calling 907-832-5426 or emailing me, mike@vfcm.org. If you wish to partner with us in spreading the gospel, go HERE to donate (www.vfcm.org/donate) or HERE to fill out our volunteer application (www.vfcm.org/volunteer-form).

May God bless you all,


Mike Arena

Executive Director

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