People of VFCM 

Executive Director

Mike Arena (Picture below)



Network Engineer

Art Thompson


Board Members

VFCM board members serve as behind-the-scenes but crucial leadership and logistical part of VFCM operations. We appreciate prayers for wisdom and unity in ministry vision across Alaska!

Adam White - Chairman

Bob Ellsworth - Vice Chairman

Ethan Hansen


Chester “Chet” Godin (picture coming soon)

Tim Hausmann  (picture coming soon)

Brian Swanson (picture coming soon)

Dennis Onchuck  (picture coming soon)

Career Mission Staff

VFCM's career mission staff fill the on-the-ground roles of radio operations throughout Alaska. They are fully supported through donations. Thank you for your prayers for them as they continue broadcasting the Gospel!


 Appointees Raising Support

VFCM's missionary appointee families have applied to VFCM and have been accepted by the Board of Directors to come and serve.  They are currently endeavoring to raise the necessary support to transition to active service in the radio ministry across Alaska.  We are grateful for God's leading in their lives, and pray for their financial provision!


 Mike and Valerie Arena



Associate Mission Staff

VFCM's associate mission staff fill vital roles actively serving within VFCM, but are not on full missionary support status.  Associate staff function similar to VFCM career staff, but their financial support is through other means.

Bailey - Palmer and Bonnie.  Palmer serves as Station Manager of KYKD in Bethel, AK.  Bonnie works alongside Palmer doing a myriad of tasks, including On-Air work and song selection.


Migra - Rick and Kathy. After 12 years of faithful service, Rick and Kathy moved back to Ohio in July of 2017, and we sorely miss both within our network!  Rick has stayed involved as a technical resource, willing to answer questions and walk "newbies" through different procedures on the phone or via remote computer support. They are also willing to represent VFCM any opportunity they get, such as at local churches. Please pray for them as they settle into a new chapter in the Lower 48 with our former KIAM "mascot," Dakota the Husky...


Terri Thompson.  Terri does On-Air announcing for KIAM as well as working in the Administrative Office.



Lower 48 Representatives

We are grateful for our representatives who provide a link between our Alaska ministry and those who God leads to be part of our support team. The logistics and financial requirements to operate a radio ministry across Alaska are quite large, and we are grateful for God's continued provision!

Fenton - John and Pat


Wilmes - Jerry and Rosalyn




VFCM volunteers willingly serve in various radio operations across Alaska.


Miller Family - LeRoy, Sarah, Adrianna, Breanna, Callianna, Dayanna, Samuel, and recent arrival Jesse. 

Derek Black - Webmaster & KYKD Volunteer



 Karen Goodwin - VFCM Bookkeeper