Update as of February 2019: In the spring of 2018 KAGV's main transmitter began failing. Because of this, the station was off the air for several months, only broacating for a few days throughout the year on an old back-up transmitter. God provided the funds for the ministry to purchase a new transmitter. The transmitter arrived safely in Alaska and is waiting to be installed. The original transmitter was repaired enough in December to keep the station on-air until the new transmitter can be installed. We are thankful for the calls and emails recieved from listeners during the uncertain times when the station was off the air. Although the cost of the transmitter has been covered, there are ongoing costs to keep KAGV broadcasting. The time of silent airwaves was a reminder of what it would sound like if the station is not supported financially by listeners and donors. We are thankful for God's continued provision. 

As a Ministry: KAGV is owned and operated by Voice for Christ Ministries,a nonprofit Christian missionary outreach. Every Announcer, Engineer or Secretary working at the facilities of KAGV are missionaries receiving financial support from individuals and churches, or is a self-supported volunteer, thereby allowing the ministry to function truly as a supported ministry.

Our History: KAGV 1110AM is the newest fully-manned Christian radio station in the I AM Radio Network. Construction on KAGV began in the summer of 2002 and by God's grace and provision we were broadcasting just in time to meet our FCC deadline in December of 2004. KAGV covers the Matanuska and Susitna Valleys with a 10KW transmitter.

Our Passion for Jesus Christ: In keeping with our passion, portions of airtime are dedicated to glorifying Christ and proclaming His word. Explicit, accurate Biblical content will be required consistently from program providers and musicians, in accordance with Colossians 3:17. We will not allow presentation of concepts inconsistent with our statement of faith