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July 2016

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Dear faithful ones in Christ,

Just a quick note to let you know again how much we appreciate your support both prayerfully and financially.

We had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration with our 4th annual Nenana Gospel Fest. Nenana Community Church and Voices of Peace started this summer ministry, which has included the KIAM Radio network’s live broadcast of the event. However, Art sprained his ankle on Saturday morning setting up the live feed. He stepped out of the van while carrying the microwave antenna, right into a hole. He has had to spend time in bed with ice while attempting to do paperwork.

We still have many summer projects to be done and no help as of yet. The FM is not working properly and we need to get a tower climber to help locate the exact problem. Please pray as it is hard to find a qualified climber at a reasonable cost.

Continue to pray for our translators out in the villages that they will stay in good repair, and that those that have equipment failures will be easily and quickly fixed. Summer is usually the time we get out to do that, as the winter does not always allow access due to poor weather conditions.

Pray for Palmer and Bonnie Bailey as they not only run the KYKD station, but along with that are working on the Audio Yup’ik Bible, recording native voices as often as time allows. Praise God they are making good progress with approximately 39% completion.

Pray for Kelsie Vrenna our station manager at KAGV along with volunteers Debra Hausmann, Dave Horning, and Leroy Miller. Pray also for Rick and Kathy Migra at KIAM as Rick is now the KIAM station manager and Kathy does a lot of the VFCM office work.

Thanks and praises to the Lord for sending us James and Rhonda Fisher who come to help this month to free us up for other activities. Also, thanks to Jerry Wilmes who will come to do the same in the fall.

Please continue to remember Mike and Valerie Arena who continue to raise support in order to come and help us full time. Please continue to pray for the Blairs as they plan for the future. Please pray especially for the next generation of ministers as most of us here are in our 60’s. We know God desires his word to go forth and is able to supply all our needs.

Thanks again to all of you who lift us up to the LORD. May God Bless you richly,

Terri Thompson