Village Name: Hooper Bay 

(Part of the I AM Radio Network) 


Status: Initially installed 07/24/07.  In August of 2013 the station was converted to carry the broadcast of KYKD, Bethel, a station much more geographically and culturally linked to this community than KIAM, the primary station for the rest of the network.  Unlike other I-AM network translator stations which are fed via satellite, K232DS is now fed the KYKD audio stream via high speed internet from Bethel.  This has allowed Hooper Bay to become the first of several planned "regional" translator sites.


Location Description: Hooper Bay is located 20 miles south of Cape Romanzof, 25 miles south of Scammon Bay in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The city is separated into two sections: a heavily built-up townsite located on gently rolling hills, and a newer section in the lowlands. Hooper Bay is located 500 miles west of Anchorage. The community lies at approximately 61.531110° North Latitude and -166.096670° (West) Longitude. The area encompasses 8.7 sq. miles of land and 0.1 sq. miles of water. 


Climate: The climate in Hooper Bay is maritime. The mean annual snowfall is 75 inches, with a total precipitation of 16 inches. Temperatures range between -25 and 79. Winter ice pack and winds often promote severe conditions. The Bering Sea is ice-free from late June through October. 





Winter Trails: 

Runway: -State owned3,300' long by 75' wide 

Barge: -Commerical Barges in summer 


Closest Major River: Cape Romanzof, Scammon Bay


Demographics: A federally-recognized tribe is located in the community -- the Native Village of Hooper Bay. The population of the community consists of 95.8% Alaska Native or part Native. Hooper Bay is a large traditional Yu'pik Eskimo community. Commercial fishing and subsistence activities are the primary means of support. Members of the Village of Paimiut also live in Hooper Bay. The sale or importation of alcohol is banned in the village. The median age in the community is 18.4 years with the majority of the population below 45. A 1,352 square foot Youth and Elder Cultural Center was completed during 2006. The center provides an area for teaching crafts and marketing, gatherings, and language. During the 2000 U.S. Census, total housing units numbered 239, and vacant housing units numbered 12. Vacant housing units used only seasonally numbered 1. U.S. Census data for Year 2000 showed 202 residents as employed. The unemployment rate at that time was 37.27 percent, although 65.94 percent of all adults were not in the work force. The median household income was $26,667, per capita income was $7,841, and 27.94 percent of residents were living below the poverty level. 


Power Source: AVEC 


Local Government Offices: City of Hooper Bay, P.O. Box 29, 99604, 758-4311 

Sea Lion Corporation, P.O. Box 87, 99604, 758-4015 

Native Village of Hooper Bay, P.O. Box 69, 99604, 758-4915 

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Monthly Power: 

Monthly Satellite Fee:


Village Website: None 


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